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Deal Highlights

  • Save at the Recovery Room of Lexington
  • Lexington's Only Physical Recovery and Wellness Lounge
  • Services include Cold Plunge, Infrared Sauna, Red Light Therapy, IV Vitamin Therapy and more.
  • Located Across From Lexington Athletic Club


Recovery Room is the only Health and Wellness lounge in Lexington, KY, offering Full Body Recovery services all under one roof. We provide a variety of evidence-based methods used for all ranges of active people to assist in physical and mental recovery. Our services include Cold Water Immersion, Infrared Sauna, Red Light Therapy, Compression Therapy, Percussion Therapy, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, Assisted Stretching, IV Vitamin Therapy, and Localized Cryotherapy. Whether it's powerlifting, training for a race, or just a busy lifestyle, we all need to take the time to recover. Optimal Performance Requires Optimal Recovery.

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Wellness Services:

At Recovery Room, we have chosen the best evidence-based methods and technology for full-body recovery. Our Wellness Services are backed by science to help you recuperate. Whether it's powerlifting, training for a race, or just a busy lifestyle, we all need to take the time to recover. Our Wellness Services include Cold Water Immersion, Sauna, Red Light Therapy, Compression Therapy and Percussion Therapy, and PEMF.

Assisted Stretching:

Let our stretch therapists help you reach maximum flexibility. Stretching can help your body recover by relaxing the muscles which can increase blood flow and accelerate the healing process. Stretching can boost performance, reduce pain, improve posture, and prevent injury.

Specialty Services:

If you work hard, you need to recover hard. No matter what you are training for in life, you need to take the time out to recover your mind and body. Recovery Room offers Localized Cryotherapy and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy to help your body recover from whatever you throw at it. 

IV Vitamin Therapy:

IV Therapy delivers vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fluids directly to your bloodstream making them immediately available to the body. It can reduce fatigue, and boost energy and the immune system among other benefits. 


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