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  • You'll receive FIVE 100-PACKS of Forever Stamps
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These booklets of 100 self-adhesive Forever Stamps will only appreciate in value!  

Is it too good to be true? Our U.S. based vendors are legally able to RESELL previous year(s) Forever stamps at discounted prices!  They purchase items in BULK from businesses who originally paid the going rate. 

Drop Ship International buys Forever stamps in bulk from businesses in the continental U.S. We are only interested in 2017-2023 Forever Stamps in rolls of 100. If you have more than 100 rolls available and would like to sell them for a fair price, please email us at

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you have any issue with the quality of the stamps you receive, please return for a full refund with 60 days after purchase. For assistance, please submit a support ticket at  


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